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Synthesize Me

Sat 01 Dec
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Synthesize Me

Sat 01 Dec
Bleeps, Boings and Beautiful Noises: The Entire History of Electronic Music

Synthesize Me is back! With four live acts and a Special Guest set from local rave/drum & bass don DJ Quantum.

As ever, IT'S A FREE PARTY!!!! No door charge.

Fröst’s new album, ‘Matters’ is one of the year’s finest, showcasing a band who bridge the worlds of electro-pop and danceable Krautrock rhythms. Fronted by French-Swedish sound artist Johanna Bramli in partnership with Fujiya and Miyagi’s Steve Lewis, this lot have been all over BBC Radio 6 recently because they have tunes to go. Coming off the back of a series of UK dates, some of them sold out, they now appear at Synthesize Me for your pleasure. Onstage 10.20 PM.


Ultraterrestrials are a trio fronted by Jared Louche of US industrial rock juggernaut Chemlab, however, they are a very different beast indeed. While Jared bleeds charisma, weirdness and poetry, beside him Tom Mugridge and Richard Miles build a soundtrack that wanders everywhere, using tricks they’ve learned playing with Himmel, the collective whose ‘Music for Massed Fuzz Organs’ has appeared at Café Oto and across Europe. Expect mesmeric excitement and avant-garde intrigue. Onstage 9.30 PM.

Monzen Nakacho is a Synthesize Me regular because we always enjoy his pulsing synth odysseys. Worthing-based Gary Short creates a sound somewhere between John Carpenter and Italian giallo soundtracks, seasoned with plenty of his own style and sense of melody. He’s launching his second album, ‘Necropolis Spaceway’ shortly. It may even be available on the merch stall at Synthesize Me! Onstage 8.50 PM.


Masked duo Noiseferatu open proceedings with their notorious root vegetable-based ritualism. They have new music on release so expect the unexpected. Don't miss 'em. They will manifest from the eternal void at 8.20 PM...

AND, capping the night, hitting the stage at 11.00 PM, we have the one and only DJ Quantum, once resident at rave mecca Sterns and the man behind the Jungle Pressure nights that ruled south coast drum & bass in the 1990s. Quantum will be a familiar name to anyone who raved around this region back-in-the-day and tonight he’ll be dropping a specially selected 1990s set exclusively for Synthesize Me.

Resident DJs throughout the night: Caspar Gomez and The Reverend, dropping electronic sounds from across the decades.

Synthesize Me's motto is “Bleeps, Boings and Beautiful Noises: The Entire History of Electronic Music”. You’ll hear new stuff, old stuff, pop stuff, weird stuff, dancey stuff, silly stuff, in fact, stuff of every conceivable electronic kind.

It’s a lounge bar good time, in good company, with psychedelic lights and occasional outbreaks of dancing. We love electronic music but we also love a party!

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55B Chapel Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1EE, United Kingdom