To Drone In The Rain

Sat 15 Jun

To Drone In The Rain

Sat 15 Jun

Tom lives with his best friend
Drone Girl in the near future where phones, laptops, and all other
technological services have become obsolete, replaced by Drone boys and girls.
"Drone Girl 9.1.13" looks after Tom who suffers from severe
social anxiety. From supervising his job as a bespoke adventures
salesman to becoming his “romantic auto-correct”, she is always there to
catch him before he falls. But when Drone Boy, an older model disappointed by
humans, praises her for crippling Tom emotionally, she starts to question her
purpose. Yet when her attempts at making Tom more independent increasingly
backfire, Drone Girl finds herself split between choices: a losing battle
to save Tom or the freedom over purpose alongside Drone Boy.

Relevant and gripping, this heartfelt play explores what we
sacrifice on our path towards an easy access existence, our need for connection
and the mental health issues resulting out of it. How can one find strength in
a world where effort is no longer needed?

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1A Tower Street, City of London, United Kingdom