Tales of the Monsters in my Head

Fri 16 Aug

Tales of the Monsters in my Head

Fri 16 Aug

Whimsical, revealing and truthful; Naked
Frank Theatre’s latest physical theatre production, TALES OF THE MONSTERS IN MY
HEAD is an honest, verbatim take on living with our ever-changing mental state.
Through poems and short stories by submitted writers from all over England. The
cast take you on a roller-coaster journey of enlightening, funny, often dark
and at times overwhelming tales, revealing the inner workings of the human mind
from a relatable perspective. Aiming to stop the stigma that surrounds mental
health conditions and increase understanding of ourselves and others, Naked
Frank Theatre seek to bring you out of your comfort zone and help awaken your
senses, through the colourful world of poetry, storytelling and physical
theatre, bringing the words of brave and truthful survivors to life.

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1A Tower Street, City of London, United Kingdom