Blood On The Clocktower Live

Sun 13 Oct

Blood On The Clocktower Live

Sun 13 Oct
Join this interactive show as a member of an angry mob trying to strike vigilante justice upon a Demon hidden amongst the cast, before they kill again and doom us all!

Based on the well loved game by The Pandemonium Institute, you can now be part of it as townsfolk of a 17th century settlement trying to find out which of the towns elders (the cast) is secretly a Demon in disguise. Kill the demon and the town is safe. Fail, and the town will fall.

The storyteller manages the narrative from behind a hidden display known as 'the grimoire', seeing the town through day and night phases, all while the cast discover, debate and destroy one another.  Only two of the cast will know who the demon is. The rest, like you, will have to figure it out.

Ultimately, however, it is you, the audience, who will have to decide which of these town elders deserves to die. We pray that you will make the right choice.

Written and directed by Kristian Mitchell-Dolby

Produced by: The Pandemonium Institute, Ben Burns and Caley Powell


Kristian Mitchell-Dolby

Melanie Crossey

Alex Maude

Lee Ravitz

Niamh Handley-Vaughan

Fiona Howat

Windson Liong

Becky Watson

Emilie Maybank

Jacinta Maud-Hunter

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418 St John Street, London, EC1V 4NJ