Sticks and Stones

Sat 21 Mar

Sticks and Stones

Sat 21 Mar

Sticks and Stones, a new one act play by Dameon Garnett.

‘Under the law you are
guilty, I would say, of a hate crime’.

A black senior manager in a secondary school, Aufa, is asked
to investigate online comments by a white employee, Tina; a signed up member of
the BNP. Do Tina’s comments constitute hate speech, and, if so, should the
police get involved? Aufa has always fought for women’s rights, and Tina is a
wronged woman, but with an axe to grind that even Aufa is not prepared for. In
an intensely claustrophobic setting, the clash between the two women becomes
increasingly explosive; opening up questions around speech, power, race and
class, that perhaps modern Britain is not ready answer.

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1A Tower Street, City of London, United Kingdom