5 Ways To Write An Argument In An Essay

Tue 16 Oct

5 Ways To Write An Argument In An Essay

Tue 16 Oct

Writing an argumentative essay aims to present an argument on both sides of the issue. Arguments in argumentative essays are not like regular arguments we make. They are way more complex, thoughtful and less emotional than the arguments we might have in our day to day lives.

The main point of an argumentative essay or even the day to day argument is the same; there is a difference of opinion about a subject and the two sides try to convince the other that they are right. In an argumentative essay, the writer aims to present both his/her and the opposite point of view. If you are working on your argumentative essay, keep on reading the article to know how to develop an argument for an essay. However you can also go for professional write my essay service.

  1. Find The Appropriate Topic

It is important to consider a number of topics at first then choose the one that can spark conflicting viewpoints. As you go through the list of topics make sure to choose the one that can truly pique the reader’s attention. 

  1. Provide a Strong Thesis Statement

Create a strong thesis statement that should contain both an observation and an opinion.  Your thesis statement must be arguable, it must accept or deny something about the topic. 

  1. Examine The Two Sides And Take A Position

After deciding on the topic, make a list of all the points that you intend to compare on both sides and take your position. You will have to compare both sides of the arguments then conclude by stating your point of view about the topic.  

  1. Consider Your Audience

Plan your paper by keeping the audience in mind. If you are not sure about your audience then direct your essay argument to a general audience. 

  1. Find Evidence

In an argumentative essay writing, it is important to verify your views by including well-written evidence. Avoid including emotional viewpoints and use relevant sources to back your arguments in the paper. 

Follow the above-mentioned steps to create effective arguments in your argumentative essay. Knowing what you are arguing and how your points support this will help you express yourself more clearly. If you are still confused and looking for someone to write your essay, consider buying an argumentative essay online from a professional write essay for me to get 100% authentic content and improve your grades. 

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