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Maria de Buenos Aires

Wed 19 Jun - Sun 23 Jun
Arts & Culture

Maria de Buenos Aires

Wed 19 Jun - Sun 23 Jun

Cork Opera House, through the generous support of the Arts Council of Ireland, is honoured to present the Irish Premiere of Piazzola’s Tango Opera Maria de Buenos Aires as part of this summers Cork Midsummer Festival.
Under the skilful direction of Conor Hanratty, we have brought together an international company of musicians, actors and dancers to create this unique and imaginative version of Piazzola’s masterpiece.
Maria de Buenos Aires tells the story of Maria, a mythical girl from the slums who falls into the rhythm of the city’s underworld. Seduced and corrupted, her demise is watched over by thieves and brothel keepers, before her shadow is reborn to wander the streets of Buenos Aires. In this powerful vision, the Cork Opera House stage will be transformed into a waterfront bar brimming with tango dancers, escorts, waiters and entertainers all moving to the passionate beat of the tango. The team includes both national and international talented actors, singers and musicians including: Director: Conor Hanratty
Musical Director: John O’Brien
Choreographer: John Heginbotham
Set and Costume designer: Joe Vanek
Lighting designer: Paul Keogan
Maria: Camilla Grieshel
Duende: Olwen Fouéré
Payador: Nuno Silva
Kate Ellis, Carolyn Goodwin, Alex Petcu, Niwel Tsumbu, Una Palliser, Maurice Royscroft, Ciaran Moynihan and Ville Hiltula.

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Cork Opera House, Emmett Place, Cork, Ireland