Blackberry 10 Hub Features

Tue 16 Oct

Blackberry 10 Hub Features

Tue 16 Oct

BlackBerry has finally come up with a new device that they can compete against Apple and Samsung in the battle of touch-screen smartphones today with their live wallpapers app buy. Their new BlackBerry 10 OS may just give their devices the edge against their competitors that can boost their sales in the market. BlackBerry has recently introduced their new line up namely the Z10 which is their touch screen only device and the Q10 that is still equipped with their basic QWERTY keyboard.

There are certainly some impressive innovations added to the BlackBerry 10 such as the BlackBerry Hub which has these excellent features:

1. All notifications and communications are found here.

2. The Hub can also be used to make any actions like delete, reply, send, email and so on. This beats having to open apps just to send a response.

3. There is no need to switch apps because the Hub has become the central repository for all communications. This saves you time while using your BlackBerry 10.

4. All forms of communication whether Twitter, SMS, and Facebook can be found within seconds.

5. Access to the Hub is easy regardless of what application you have running. All that you have to do is to slide your finger in an upward motion from the lower bezel of the phone to access the Hub or go back to what you are doing.

Aside from the BlackBerry Hub, there are other features that have been incorporated into the BlackBerry 10 that are worth mentioning. These are:

1. Easy unlock by sliding your finger upwards on the screen.

2. Bedside mode that can be triggered by sliding your finger down while on locked screen mode. This changes the settings of your phone to dimmed lights, black background and silent mode when notifications come in. An orange analogue clock will also appear so you can read the time.

3. Time Shift is another feature that will impress those shutter bugs out there. In Time Shift, the device will automatically snap 5 photos that you can then decide which one you will keep. You can even make the perfect picture by cropping images then merging them into one.

4. The keyboard in BlackBerry Z10 is far better compared to other smartphones because it is intuitive and can support multiple languages all at the same time.

Clearly, BlackBerry has figured out a way to compete against big time names in the smartphone industry like Apple and Samsung but it remains to be seen whether the BlackBerry 10 has enough features to get back into the game.

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