Dan Whiteson Exhibition Launch + Ramen Night

Fri 04 Dec

Dan Whiteson Exhibition Launch + Ramen Night

Fri 04 Dec
Presenting 'Disintegration'. An exhibition by Dan Whiteson.

Presenting 'Disintegration'
An exhibition by Dan Whiteson
Launch Party Friday 4th December 2020, 5pm-10pm
Food & Drinks by Craving Coffee (Ramen Menu)
Exhibition runs 4th Dec 2020 - 31st January 2021
Table bookings recommend to cravingbookings@gmail.com (limit of 6 people per table)

In ‘Disintegration’ Whiteson attempts to visualise how various factors in modern life impact on the way we physically and emotionally engage with our lived experiences. Initially conceived as a critique on the increasingly disruptive influence of digital media, the project has recently become more autobiographical, as Whiteson uses his art to document and process his experience of becoming a father.

Paintings dominate the show; bodies and faces fall in and out of focus as painterly flesh tones give way to sharp geometry and bold colour as Whiteson pushes, pulls, disrupts and ‘disintegrates’ his subjects. However, it is drawing that allowed him to develop and refine his reductive approach and laid the foundations for his more recent expressive and emotive work. The more detached and clinical aesthetic of these early ink drawings (made by working primarily with life models), consciously attempts to reflect the insidious, calculated nature of online influence on our physical ‘presence’.

After the birth of his first child two years ago, Whiteson began to use this visual language to articulate his experience of becoming a parent. The same process of disrupting and extinguishing elements of the figure became tools to depict the impact of parenthood on the sense of self and mental wellbeing, and to celebrate the humanity and kindness of those who supported him through.



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