"Enchanted": A Movie Review

Tue 16 Oct

"Enchanted": A Movie Review

Tue 16 Oct

I watched a film with my grandson this weekend (free on 123movies.go), which is destined to become yet another Disney classic. The name of the movie is "Enchanted" and it truly lives up to its name.

"Enchanted" is a clever mixture of animation and reality. While that isn't anything new, it was never done better than in this film.

The movie centers on a young maiden named Giselle (played by Amy Adams) who is, of course, searching for her prince. While she waits she enjoys the company of her animal friends in the forest; a typical story for Disney films.

Luckily, Giselle doesn't have to wait long. The prince (played by James Marsden), while troll hunting in the forest, hears her singing and rushes to find her. They meet, fall instantly in love, and plan an immediate wedding.

There is only one small problem. The prince's stepmother (played by Susan Sarandon), who has been reigning queen, doesn't intend on giving up the throne. So she side tracks Giselle on her way to the wedding and pushes her into a well.

Giselle falls for a long time but eventually lands, of all places, in New York City. Although it is hard to do in the city, she manages to look a bit out of place in her huge hooped wedding gown and ultra big hair.

The would-be princess wanders through the streets and subways of New York trying to find someone who will help her. She eventually sees a huge palace billboard and assumes that it may offer her some hope. She climbs up to the board and begins frantically knocking on the door.

It is here that Robert Phillip (played by Patrick Dempsey) first sees her. His daughter, Morgan (played by Rachel Covey) wants to take the "princess" home and care for her.

Dad finally agrees to let Giselle stay long enough to get her bearings and call a cab. But before he knows it, Giselle is fast asleep on his couch. Looking at the bereft young woman, he decides that she isn't likely dangerous and lets her spend the night on his couch.

Come morning, however, Robert is all about getting Giselle out of his hair; or so he thinks. Unfortunately, the more time he spends with her and her upbeat, cheerful look on life, the less easy it is for him to remain aloof, cold, and pessimistic.

In the meantime, Prince Edward (played by James Marsden) is already searching for his bride in the human world. Along the way, he encounters a few interesting adventures of his own.

His stepmother, furious that he actually went in search of Giselle, sends her henchman (played by Timothy Spall) to poison the girl once and for all. Unfortunately, he is stopped at every turn by Pip, one of Giselle's animal friends that follows the prince into the earthly realm.

Eventually, she gives up on letting others do the work for her and ends up coming after the princess on her own. Will she succeed? Will the prince find his true love? Is the prince really Giselle's true love? These are questions I can't, and won't, answer because that would spoil all of the fun of watching this film.

"Enchanted" is a delightful movie that will be loved as much by adults as children. It is the kind of film that I wish Hollywood made more of. Perhaps with its overwhelming success, they will. I intend to keep my fingers crossed.

Amy Adams was the perfect choice for Giselle. She is beautiful, yet relatable and she can sing the feathers off a bird. I could listen to her voice for hours.

Dempsey makes the perfect earthly "prince." Whoever knew that awkward young boy who starred in all of those teen films would grow up into such a mega hunk? He may be too young for me, but that doesn't mean I can't still dream.

Marsden is a delightful prince as well. He plays the role with all of the energy, charm, and enthusiasm one would expect of Disney royalty.

Sarandon's evil stepmother is perfect as well. She captures the spirit of the quintessentia evil queen from "Snow White" perfectly.

This movie was perfectly cast right down to each and every extra. There wasn't a bad performance anywhere to be found.

Bill Kelly's screenplay is perfection. It belongs right next to the best fairytales of all time. And Kevin Lima must have thought so as well because he kept the story flowing with the same kind of precision timing and perfection.

The music was beautiful. The photography was stunning. The sets were wonderful. There is absolutely nothing about this film to dislike. But, hey, don't listen to just me. Let's see what my tiny tot movie critic brigade had to say.

"I want to be Giselle!" declared Mia.

"I want to marry the prince," said Amber "and live happily every after."

"I'd like to capture the queen and throw her into a well," said Nathan.

"I like the chipmunk (Pip)," said Jacob.

Their average rating of the film was five out of five. I can't go against that logic. This film gets five out of five stars.

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