written & directed by Laura Crow

12th & 13th December at 7:30pm

The year is 1941 and rehearsals for Henry V are about to begin…

Greyhoundsentwines Shakespeare’s famous story of ‘warlike Harry’ with the everyday trials and tribulations of small village life during World War Two. Whilst the war rages above them, the residents of Shuttlefield village struggle to stage a production of Henry V to raise money for their local Spitfire fund.

Greyhoundsis the first play by new young writer, Laura Crow, combining a taste of Shakespeare, a touch of comedy and true vintage flair. Greyhoundswill make its London premier at the Bread & Roses Theatre following on from a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“You should think yourself accurs’d if you miss this clever and charming production.”

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Cast & Creatives

Writer/producer/designer - Laura Crow

Assistant Director - Jacqueline Wheble

Light/Sound - Tim Cooper

Cast - Benjamin Hynes, Katherine Reynolds, Kendal Boardman, Adam Martin-Brooks, Laura Crow

More on Time & Again Theatre Company

Time & Again Theatre Company was formed in the summer of 2017, by Laura Crow, as a new young theatre company wishing to explore the vintage, historical and antiquarian in ways that are fresh and relevant for today.

“Greyhounds manages to capture the historical tale – life on the 1940s home front – with human experience (love, loss, unfilled potential) and merges these with political themes that are extremely relevant to modern life – the notion of ‘the other’, the morality of war and how society treats those with mental health conditions.” – Northern Soul

Time & Again have successfully completed two runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with their shows Greyhounds and Clouds, and recently won the Coliseum Pick of the Fringe award in Manchester leading to a performance on the main stage of the Oldham Coliseum.

They are currently rural and small-scale touring both shows around the UK.

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Social Media: @timeandagaintc 

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68 Clapham Manor Street, Clapham, London, SW4 6DZ, United Kingdom