Guttersnipe, Mark Morgan, Gaute Granli, Pete Um, Tarantula

Sun 10 Nov

Guttersnipe, Mark Morgan, Gaute Granli, Pete Um, Tarantula

Sun 10 Nov
Catastrophe Jams

A giant line up of fantastic weird mess!
We will be starting early so folk can get the last train hime... door 6pm, first band 6.30pm.


Heroic in their absurdity and loud to boot! This psychedelic duo from Leeds burst form their host body sounding like broken computer games through a stadium PA.

Mark Morgan is most well known as the guitarist and singer of Sightings, a New York City based avant rock band which existed from 1998 to 2013. They released 10 full length albums on the labels Load, Ecstatic Peace, Fusetron and Dais. Mark currently plays solo and "Department of Heraldry" is his debut.

Gaute Granli used to play guitar and shout in Skadne Krek and Freddy The Dyke. Now he focuses mainly on his solo project where he explores a range of abstract and bizarre territories. He combines chanting, guitar, a range of effects with analog sampling and creates a dark and industrial sound. The music is freely improvised as well as composed.

Pete Um
The weird side of music seems like a small but interesting niche. A part of music makers that most people will never find out about and others seem to swim in as if it’s their natural habitat. It’s a strange thing, an odd scene of poetic clowns, tormented artists who live life with their hearts on their sleeves and probably have silly hats on. Sometimes it’s as if it’s inhabitants are in some kind of contest of who is the weirdest? Will it be the girl who sings about frozen fish? Will it be the man who sings about golden noses? Will it be the woman who raps in the out of tune ways? The man who reads out graffiti while he walks around with a dictaphone? The freak that whistles on other people’s noses? Or perhaps…

Tarantula and tape
Glasgow's freshest weird shit, undulating bass and the loosest drums form the crumbling backbone of these deep fried catastrophe jams.

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23 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 5AR, United Kingdom