Hairband, 2PLY, Alfred Bellman + surprise guest!

Fri 26 Jul

Hairband, 2PLY, Alfred Bellman + surprise guest!

Fri 26 Jul
A rare appearance while everyone is in the same town... the fantastic Hairband and friends

Bursting forth in a riot of colour, Hairband are a new five piece group from Glasgow who, on their debut recordings, have distilled the joy and bittersweet trials of youth into 5 songs that bend to no rules but the ones they make up as they go along. Deeply immersed in their local DIY scene and featuring members of groups Spinning Coin, Breakfast Muff, Lush Purr and Kaputt, Hairband’s take on pop music is their own, so natural yet odd-shaped, carefree but meticulously constructed that it feels like no one has quite made music quite like this before, celebratory and joyful. Recorded in Glasgow’s famed Green Door Studios, and played in the moment, Hairband are life-giving. LISTEN

Joanne Robertson  has become known for the lyrical drifting beauty of her music. She has released three solo albums, The Lighter (Textile), Black Moon Days (Feeding Tube) and Wildflower, and collaborated and recorded with Dean Blunt on ‘The Redeemer’, ‘Black Metal’, ‘Stone Island’, ‘Skin Fade’ and ‘Wahalla’.

“Her poetry, painting and music all have the same binary quality — they pour sugar directly onto raw wounds in a way that is healing and transformative. Alchemical, I guess.” Bryon Coley LISTEN

2PLY are Mark Briggs (bass/vocals) and Eothen Stearn (drums/vocals). Looking to write songs with a mixture of optimism and sarcasm, on subject matters (such as Artificial Intelligence, the phenomena that is Hot Desking), that simultaneously interrogate and celebrate contemporary life.

Alfred Bellman is the solo project of original winning sperm and smack wizard, Waldo.

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23 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 5AR, United Kingdom