How to write a short essay in 5 moves

How to write a short essay in 5 moves

For this step i writing all my work. This is result my 6 years experience.

Are you planning to write a short essay for your first matriculation test? Are you dreaming of 10 effective steps to victoriously submit a short essay for the end-of-year exam or for a course you (hopefully) successfully completed? Fear not. Here's a chart, or ruler if you will, and some helpful tips for each case to converge on your goal. Remember, the best example you have is proper reasoning.

The night before exams . With all due respect to Antonello Venditti and his emotional baubles (which never fail to tickle every generation), let's give ourselves a few guidelines useful in crafting our short essay. First of all, let's ask ourselves:"What is a short essay?" . A great answer from paperhelp, they tell us that it is an article that summarizes some ideas and information from different sources . If you have been assigned the topic of your essay, you will also be given a list of texts from which to draw news. If you are researching visual sources (documentaries, movies, video clips, paintings, comics, etc.) Or materials on the Internet, look for an accurate reference and properly cite the bibliography relevant to your topic .

To write a good short essay, you will need to demonstrate good ability (this was often preached by my professor at university!). To make connections between elements of your research that have similarities or analogies to the topic you are addressing or the thesis you intend to support. Then your paper should be organized and structured by choosing the most appropriate material for it.

But let's take a better look at what are the 5 steps to write a short essay and not frustrate or make our goal incomplete:

1/Select the right topic .

If the title hasn't already been assigned to you, if there is a choice (or better yet, a list of topics), don't consider topics with very distant sources. Identify at least 3 sources that are directly relevant to your proposed topic.

2/What is the essay ?

It can be a reasoned essay in which you state your point of view and articulate aspects of it. Do not go too far in this direction if you do not understand the subject and have not absorbed many readings on the subject. You can organize an expository essay: trace the coordinates of the topic under discussion; present the current state of affairs in relation to the sources you have; organize the facts into categories and review the positions taken by the most certified and officially recognized coryphaei of the discipline in order to expand the skills of those who read you (in which case it will be like a popular article). Finally, you might consider writing a critical essay or beginning a discussion of some of the theses supported within the discipline in question. In medicine or humanities and social research, this typology of short essays takes on the task of analyzing the weaknesses of some studies or experiments and/or highlighting some areas worthy of further study.

3/Develop the thesis

Try to get a point of view on the subject and express it in a short, understandable sentence. When I wrote my essay, I drew motivation and ideas from reading essayhave review or reviews of other services. Don't act weird or "against" it at all costs unless you have a strong argument! Compare your theses with the most authoritative opinions on the subject.


You can begin with a) a preamble or introductory sentence or go straight to the point in medias res . You can cite an opinion, a sentence, or an eloquent and expository passage about the thesis you intend to support; b) illustrate current positions or research conducted and conclusions reached about the topic of your essay. Then c) support the nerve centers of your argument with sources and their relevance; d)finally, affirm the importance of your argument, what you have made of it, and the conclusions you have drawn, with an effective conclusion to emphasize the critical spirit with which you have approached the problem. In an appendix, prepare an appropriate bibliography.

5/Presentation .

To better illustrate aspects of your thesis, you can use objective documentary sources : e.g. provide your short essay with tables, graphs, illustrations, photographs, etc. Or review newspaper articles , pictures or cartoons that resemble the topic and are subjectively related to the essay you are about to write.

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