Maiden Speech Festival

Sat 21 Oct

Maiden Speech Festival

Sat 21 Oct
Maiden Speech Festival

Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks

Written by Sarah Hanly

Purple Snowflakes and Titty Wanks is a vibrant story of survival, a fearless example of semi- autobiographical storytelling and Irish humour. We follow Sarah as she navigates her way through grief, drunken nights, and a variety of sexual exploits in a hilarious and heartbreaking one-woman show about mental illness, sexuality, and friendship.

Daisy Like The Flower

Written by Ashleigh Laurence

Daisy is abrasive, brash, and foul-mouthed. Ren is kind-hearted, softly-spoken, and frankly, a bit dim. But to assume that this sums them up would be folly: these women are untamed and unashamed to say exactly what they’re thinking, which doesn’t always go down well.

This fast-paced, dark comedy explores the lengths that friends will go to for each other and challenges the unconscious bias people may have when seeing a particular ‘type of woman’ on stage.

Inside Out

Written by Christina Bloom

Inside Out is a show about discovering identity and defying stereotypes in a world that insists upon boxing, packaging, and labelling. Christina Bloom shares her experience with matters of the heart in this thought- provoking look at sexuality through the eyes of a one-woman, 'one-man' band. This show explores the cruelty of life, while celebrating small victories and progress towards acceptance.


Written by Rachel Causer

(RE)Play is a lip-sync show about women and their voices: one woman, Rachel, and others we hear in the media on a daily basis. Why do we listen to them, connect with them, and should we trust them? In a world full of pretence, agendas, and fake news, how do we know which opinions are really ours? (RE)Play explores how re-visiting key media moments and influential figures in Rachel’s life can offer any answers— or whether it will simply make the lines even blurrier.

The White Feminist's Guide to Slaying Hip Hop

Written by Roxane Bourges

First thing to know about me: I love rap. Like extremely. Second thing: I'm white. Like very.

Third of all: I hate when people say thirdly.

Fourthly: Contradictions are my life story.

And finally: I’m a feminist.

A comedy show in verse that explores rap, feminism, and cultural appropriation through the eyes of a privileged French white girl.

Pulp Fiction: The One Woman Play

Written by Niamh Watson

Get ready to be transported back to early 90s Los Angeles. This one-woman show breathes life back into the cult classic Pulp Fiction. Expect gangsters, drugs, danger, and a mysterious briefcase accompanied only by a damn good soundtrack.

Sisters Of The Sea: The Little Mermaid Retold

Written by Mina Dahle

This new adaptation of The Little Mermaid takes us back to the classic fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. Norwegian folk music provides a stunning backdrop to this reimagining of the haunting, tragic tale in which a young mermaid sacrifices her life in return for a human soul.

Ma, Am I Good in Bed?

Written by Roisin Bevan and Sinead Bevan

Some things you should only ever say to your sister. The Duffy girls wanted to be sexy. They wanted to be good at sex. When they actually started having sex, they quickly realised they were neither sexy, nor particularly good at it. To their dismay, the world of sex is bloody complicated.

Ma, Am I Good In Bed? is a hilarious and honest conversation between two sisters who just really need each other.

Much Ado About Hero

Written by Lexi Clare

Music and Lyrics by Amy Le Rossignol and Lexi Clare

“One doth not know how much an ill word may empoison liking.” Hero is a young woman navigating her way through sixteenth century life and having a rather difficult time of it. This new musical work re- examines Shakespeare’s comedy Much Ado About Nothing, questioning marriage, choice, duty and female friendship.

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