Petronn Sphene, Slaylor Moon, Comfort & Neuromancer

Sun 28 Jul

Petronn Sphene, Slaylor Moon, Comfort & Neuromancer

Sun 28 Jul

PETRONN SPHENE - Queer technopunk cyborg NO WAVE RAVE meltdown for fans of Atari Teenage Riot, Nervous Gender, teenage Felix Kubin, Metalux, Yeah You, gabber, extreme rave, cartoons, Guttersnipe

"Timeless sonic witchcraft connecting pagan eternal spirit with mind altering electronic music, adopting a "hard gaan" aesthetics with "The Drugs" as a communication method for altered ADHD full blast personal wisdom projected straight into the soul, transcendent intellectual intensity. Think psychedelic time warped gabber and power new age. Solo space pod escape from Urocerus Gigas of Guttersnipe.” - Manuel Padding/City Hands

SLAYLOR MOON- Futuristic queer “science-wave” abstractions for fans of Drainolith, Excepter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Truus de Groot, Jessica Rylan, etc

"Scientist of the brain turned scientist of psychic soundscapes, Sydney Koke (Shearing Pinx/The Courtneys) specialises in a form of queer, spooky, and dislocated electronic abstraction assembled from the disparate substrates of early 2000s experimental electronic music, old school rave, 70s industrial, no wave, and noise rock: a dorky cyborg symbiosis of polyhedral no-tempo MPC rhythms, flickering future tones of marine microorganism holographic glimmer, and intimately vague spacer-woman vocals delivered with cold intention, forming an ultraviolet personal microcosm of queer sexuality, formalist figurative concepts, and multi-directional emotive imaginals” - Bio for OBEY Convention 2019, Halifax NS

COMFORT- Cyberage protest punk

NEUROMANCER- cacophonous compu-grind tuned the colour of a dead channel 

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23 Renfield Lane, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, G2 5AR, United Kingdom