Rebel Lectures: Depression for Beginners

Mon 18 Feb

Rebel Lectures: Depression for Beginners

Mon 18 Feb
An recovered depressive sends a message to his depressed self about depression.

A few years ago Freddie Sorensen had a nervous breakdown and sank into a deep depression. It took him 3 years to get out, but he learned a lot about himself, and about depression, along the way. In this talk he shares his story and offers some ideas about how we might be able to help someone who's struggling with depression and some things that helped him come back from the brink.




More about Rebel Lectures...


Learning stuff is important. But many of us don’t learn as much as we could because the way the world teaches us stuff is generally one dimensional and lame. Lectures are boring. They do a disservice to the powerful ideas within them. Not everyone wants their knowledge delivered in a parcel of boringness. In the realm of education one size does not fit all, but one size is all we get. Rebel Lectures has been created for people who prefer their learning to be a bit more intense, more exciting, more showbiz. So if you like learning stuff but just haven’t found a teaching method that’s dramatic enough, then Rebel Lectures might be the place for you.


Rebel Lectures was set up by Freddie Sorensen, one of the founders of Rebel Bingo. A few years ago, the sedate world of bingo was ripped apart by a tornado of transformation. Rebel Bingo rose from the underworld, tore up the rule book, smashed the bingo system, and brought a new breed of player to the game. Now, Rebel Lectures is hoping to do the same for the world of talks.


Life is difficult. Knowledge is power. Come arm yourself.


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