A Modern History of the Northern Quarter

A Modern History of the Northern Quarter

A modern history of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats as told through its public art

A recent history of the Northern Quarter as told through its public art.

Join us as we learn about the creation of the Northern Quarter as we know it today, find out the major names behind some of the area's oldest street art and sculpture, and see how modern arts and community movements in Manchester hope to continue to drive creativity within the neighbourhood. We'll also look at future building developments and which of those threaten our most iconic sculpture and ephemera.

We will learn about the modern history of the area, including Ancoats, and using public artworks as the thread we will weave together a story of social housing, gentrification, greenery, and public space (including the blurring of lines between what is public and what is private, and why it matters).

"We’ve long thought the best way to get to know a place is through its art and its artists. Hayley absolutely proved this theory by presenting us with a completely alternative view of a city we thought we already knew fairly well. Her depth of knowledge, thrown together with an easy manner and a ton of passion made for a really great, tailored experience that left us wanting to know more! - East Street Arts"

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Shudehill, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 2AF, United Kingdom