The GetBack Band

Tue 16 Oct

The GetBack Band

Tue 16 Oct

For the formation of “THE GETBACK BAND” we have to travel back to mid 2005 to a rehearsal studio in Glasgow where Lawrence MACCA (aka Lawrence Gilmour) was auditioning for a new backing band having just returned from the States. Soon the band, under the name “Get Back”, later to become “The Getback Band”, was formed.

Only Fox Amoore, keyboard Meister remains from that early band! Fox is a natural musician having taken to the keyboard at the tender age of five years old. So with Fox on board, Lawrence MACCA & THE GETBACK BAND set off late August 2005 for Liverpool to take part in the worlds Biggest and Best BEATLES FESTIVAL “INTERNATIONAL BEATLE WEEK 2005”.

With applause still ringing in there ears the band travelled to Sweden to be greeted by MaccaMania! “Great Audience! Great Show! Great People!”

Over the next year or so, Lawrence MACCA & The GetBack Band played many ‘fab’ gigs including Switzerland and Italy. After which Lawrence announced his retirement from entertaining so as to devote more time to his other great passion teaching.

His first show with The Getback Band came only six months after he left. It is a testament to the quality of the band that they received a standing ovation at the end of this first performance.

Then in 2008, the band were invited to attend International Beatle Week in Liverpool. It was deemed an outright success and so with a whole new group of fans and friends on board, the band went from strength to strength!

The following year, after yet another Beatle week appearance, the band were lucky enough to play at the incredible Alhambra theatre in Dunfermline. The big stage is where this band really belong and oh how they showed it! Rusty Fingersson on guitar was immense!

This performance was so successful that the band were asked to put together and headline ‘The Beatles Christmas Party’ show at The Alhambra later that year!

After wowing the audiences during the International Beatle week festival in Liverpool yet again in 2009 and 2010, the band have firmly established themselves as one of the favourite bands to see during the week. Todays band includes, Jon McLuskey on Bass, Scott Christie on Drums and Raymond Struthers on lead vocals. Along with Rusty Fingersson and Fox Amoore they are continuing to build a tremendous reputation as one of the leading Tribute bands around.

THE GETBACK BAND have travelled a long way from those fledgling beginnings, winning International acclaim along the way and establishing themselves as one of the foremost tributes to the music of Paul McCartney, Wings and The Beatles..

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The Electric Circus, 36-39 Market Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DF