Top Ten Reasons to Watch Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Tue 16 Oct

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Tue 16 Oct

To those of you who remember the first Harold and Kumar in 2004, news of a sequel was probably very welcome to your ears. The movie was written by the same two guys who wrote the first, but a different director gives the movie a different feel to it than the first. I watched this movie on a free website 123movies website. However, that's no reason to put it down. The movie is filled with the kind of stuff that made you fall in love with movies in the first place. The movie definitely has more character development and drama to it than the first, and this might turn off the average viewer of such a film. In fact, I didn't think much of the first twenty minutes or so. Once Harold and Kumar get on the plane bound for Amsterdam, the story really takes off and the movie lives up to the name of the esteemed franchise. There's also a lot of impossibly ridiculous characters like the first movie, like the crazy redneck married to his superchic sister. The bottom line is that this movie's hilarious, and now what you've been waiting for, the Top Ten Reasons why you should see this movie.

Number 10: It's the sequel to Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Who hasn't done the same damn thing as these two?

Number 9: It's got weed in it. And hey, weed can't be bad.

Number 8: It's full of over-the-top racism against all races. I don't really remember any white racist jokes, so maybe not all races.

Number 7: Like the first, it's full of random encounters with crazy characters.

Number 6: Kumar smokes weed on a plane, which would definitely be something to brag about.

Number 5: In a flashback, you catch a glimpse of Harold and Kumar in college before they knew each other, and it's something not worth spoiling.

Number 4: Harold and Kumar manage to smoke with President George W. Bush, and he cusses out his dad on the phone. This is right after Bush runs from trigger-happy Cheney.

Number 3: This bitch has HUGE breasts, and while they're obviously fake, I think the woman really has them. The casting director should get a raise.

Number 2: N...P...H ("This is where God took me.") Neil Patrick Harris manages to get a lot done when he's driving on shrooms.

And the #1 Reason why you Should Watch This Movie...

Number 1: For the dramatic plot twists, character complexities, and the promotion of interracial friends.

Just kidding it's all about the bud. Thanks for reading folks. Look at my other stuff and you might be more entertained.

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