An honest look into the emotional and physical impact people can have on each other

tube follows two strangers who find themselves alone in an empty carriage when the train stops in a tunnel and doesn’t move again. It explores their relationship in this less than ideal situation, as they find comfort and strain in each other.

This unique piece gives you an honest look into the emotional and physical impact people can have on each other, and the lengths they will go to for the ones they love. The play uses hyper-realism, which links a myriad of styles together, whilst ultimately being supported by a backbone of naturalistic text.

tube began its life in 2018 where it was work-shopped with support from the Southwark Playhouse. It went on to win the Stockwell Playhouse Bursary Prize For Writing and had a short run in October 2018 to grow the piece further.. The piece lands at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre for 2020 and continues its on-going development by Colour & Light Productions.


"(Joe Kerry's) talent has clearly got places to go and things to do when it gets there. A voice to be listened to."
- Julian Eaves. (


Tickets £12 | Concessions £10 | Students £8.


WRITTEN BY:  Joe Kerry

OTHER CREATIVES:  Bobby Standley
RUNNING TIME: 80 Mins (No Interval) 
TWITTER: @colourlightprod



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42-44 Gaisford Street, London, United Kingdom