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Tue 16 Oct

Instagram is among the most well-known social media services that can undoubtedly be considered to be playing an essential part in our day-to-day life. It’s renowned function, the Instagram Stories enable you to upload your way of life either in picture or video. There are many moments when you really want to save a copy of any these Instagram stories since they become quickly inaccessible after 1 day. Next, if these are not saved or archived, they'll be gone permanently. Sad to say, Instagram does not have a function which allows the person to save the stories. In order to save a copy of those worth keeping posts and treasured moments shared through an Instagram story, here are some tips.

Download Instagram stories of a whole day

Steps on how to save your Instagram stories will be detailed here so you can watch the video of all the events you did for the entire day. The video file might not be saved separately. Still, it’s far better this way than possessing no copy at all.

To begin downloading a one day story on Instagram, try to find the "Your Story" icon. It can be found on the corner of your feed, upper left side. Then, at the open story page, simply click there is another key containing 3 small dots, simply click this button to find a "More" option. Then, choose "Save" and after that tap the "Save Story" option. You might need to wait for little while for the page to give your video. Then, that's it. you will have the video in your Camera Roll.

Download Instagram Stories One by One

Going back on what you did above, keep in mind that there are some selections to select in the Save options. This is the part where you can start the process of downloading clips individually rather than the only one whole video. This method is opposite to the first method and the procedure is not hard to follow. These 2 choices (Save Story and Save Video) can be viewed when you tap the Save button. Pick the “Save Video”. This provides you the option to select a single picture or clip and not the whole posts for the entire day. Then, try looking in Camera Roll or Photographs section. You will locate the save video or even clip there.

Downloading Stories by using someone else's Instagram account

This method involves the use of third-party websites to download Instagram stories. There are many such websites available on the internet. They all have the same way of operating. Pick the websites that you may find simple to use and you are comfy.

Here's the best way to download utilizing a third party site

Copy first the username or the profile link (depending on what's required by the website) of the owner of the Instagram Stories you wanted to download. Open one of the chosen 3rd party websites. Scroll down the listing of clips and pick which clip to download. Pick the “Save link as” option when you have selected the clip to download. You'll then find the video file on the folder you choose to save it.

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